Lethargy of Biosphere 3’s Project at Gorgon

“Lethargy: Inactivity and state of absolute rest in which some animals remain during certain periods of time.”

Around 2000 people have been able to enjoy and to share Biosphere 3 with Open Science, since it was inaugurated at the beginning of 2010, and that enters in lethargy today due to external problems of our sponsors, closing temporarily its door at Gorgon SIM. This closing of the place doesn’t imply the cease of the activities related to Biofera 3, that will be relocated.

Sponsors, artists, photographers, collaborator, builders… to all you: Thanks for have done it possible,

Noke Yuitza, Open Science.


Sci&Art Winners

Merlino Mayo & Abstrac Baroque have conquered this 1st ed. of the Sci&Art Contest, dedicated to Physics, and they have won the Awards of Science and Art. The artists  Democrito Sands and  Lea Supermarine have won the public prize.

Our best congrats to all.

The ceremony has finished but you can still watching the finalists’ artworks for a week at CSW Island.

161 People

161 people had come to Big Bang Sci&Art Constest’s category at Biosphere 3 to enjoy the artworks of:
Loki Glas (France)
Elin Egoyan (The Netherlands)
MosMax Hax (Switzerland)
Selavy Oh (Germany)
Dixit Writer (Italy)
RAG Randt (USA)
zephyru Zapedzki (Portugal)
pcguru Xi (USA)

Thanks to all who came to visit and gave support.

If you would like to see some photos about:


Who is going to win?

Today at 8.00h SLT will be the Award ceremony of the Sci&Art Contest.

The finalist are: Pol Jarvinen (Atom), Jess Oranos (Elec.), Mayo Merlin (Rays) Abstract Baroque (Strings), Rodriguez Mila Thatam Imako (Strings), MosMax Hax (B Bang), Dixit (B Bang), Freewee Ling (Nanotec), Kolor Fall (Nanotec).

Who is going to win?

Let’s see it at the ceremony!

Opening Science & Art Contest

Imagine the moment of the creation of the Universe from the point of view of an artist.  This way begins Art & Science Contest’10, that is dedicated to Pysics in this 1st ed.

Open Science collaborates in this initiative of the groups Second Physics and SL ART welcoming the category origin, the Big Bang, in Biosphere 3. Loki Glas (France), Elin Egoyan (The Netherlands), MOsMax Hax (Switzerland), Selavy Oh (Germany), Dixit Writer (Italy), RAG Randt (USA), Pcguru Xi (USA) and Zephyru Zapedzki (Portugal) are the artists that fulls Biosphere 3 with their particular conception of the universe.

Today, as a premier, the members of the group are invited to come and talk with some of the artists who participate in this cathegory.  In next, we will explain how one can vote to its favourite.

What is Science & Art?

Scien&Art  is a project of Talete Flanagan (Second Physics) and Marjorie Fargis (SL Art) in collaboration with UWA (Jayjay Zifanwe), Open Science (Noke Yakuza), Alpine Executive Center (Sunset Quinnell), CSW Island (MarkWD Helendale, Antony Jun) and USMP (Maximo Eames).
The project was born from the idea of combining two major disciplines: art and science.
The intention is to accompany the artists to express their creativity through scientific concepts and help scientists to communicate creatively.
This first contest was devoted to physics and will be divided into 6 categories: Atom, Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Electricity, Nanotechnology and Strings.
For these reasons were composed two juries will assess the works: a jury artistic and a scientific jury.
In addition to the juries that will decide the winners of each category and the winners, it was decided a public vote. All SL residents can express their preference for the works exhibited for a period of two weeks of voting on panels made available in the land hosting the competition.
The works will be exhibited to the public from May 30, 2010.
The awards will be June 13, 2010.

New HIDE in Biosphere 3

A great crested grebe with its littles on its back, a kingfisher that sometimes caches a fish… these are some of the species that you will see in the new Biosphere 3’s HIDE, a little space to relax looking the animals.
The tp to the HIDE is in the little Stargate on the main floor.

Sci-O Magazine: BIODIVERSITY, Some Concepts

Sci-O nº2 dedicated to the on line lecture “BIODIVERSITY, Some Concepts” given by Noke Yuitza for the Earth Day’s Week celebrations in Second Life.

Sci-O nº2